Welcome to Scale Ships!


Welcome to Scale Ships!


Click to view photogallery    We have been involved in constructing ship-models and other diverse miniatures, for over decaders now. We seek to revive the quality of the Russian school of model arts of all epochs and aeras. Reviving the best methods of domestic classic ship-modeling and applying in practice the stylistic peculiarities of the best ship-modeling schools of the west european countries.

    We are the experts of Model ship restoring be it ancient or contemporary. Our method includes the use of schemes, photos, graphic images and even video-materials. At the customers request can be places in a box or plexiglas container.

   We are also able to build action sport models as used by NAVIGA-competition.

   We use both conventional materials as well as precious wood.

   Every Model is a work of art. It makes wonderful interior decoration as well as great gifts. Of course we can build ship models to order. Click here! to see our work.

   As at present we can offers you a submarine kit of the Project 971 "Schuka-B"
(SSN "Akula-II" class)

   We cooperate with Museums, private galleries, collectors and specialists. We accept the following requests but are not limited to:

  • all scales

  • all degree of difficulties and details

  • all makes and models

  • wait for deliverie 4 months

  • materials used: finest wood, all metals, flax, celluloid and glasfiber plastics

  • garantie 24 months

  • payment: as agred up on

 Click for a large picture  For more information contact our Office.

      High level of proficiency allows me to make a model of any scale and size (from model of a size of a palm 1:1000 to the one of 2000 mm length 1:5) of versatile construction and complexity (from a bottle-model to a port crane model etc.) both unique and in small series.

      This photo represents a model of a container ship of scale 1:100, 1000 mm long. The model was prepared for one of the German ship-building manufactures.




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