The submarine kit “AKULA-II“, 1/96 scale 
for display model or R/C conversion

"Scale Model Ship" offers you a submarine kit of the Project 971 “Schuka-B” (SSN “Akula-II” class). 

This is a replica of the Russian attack submarine K-157 “Vepr”. 

The quality of the details of the kit is considered to be museum .

The kit accurately duplicates the sleek lines of the original with detailed deck and conning tower, flood openings and detail plans.

With our kit you can make a museum quality static model for your home and office, or launch the radio controlled action submarine in your local pond.

Details of the kit were engineered with the R/C modeler in mind. The two piece epoxy GRP hull simplifies assembly and ensures a robust model. Control surface mounting and linkage arrangement is prefabricated to ensure quick and reliable results. The ample interior dimensions enable easy installation of the ballast system of your choice.

Kit contents:

• Two-piece epoxy hull with scribed detail. 

• Rudders and dive planes with shafts.

• Fitting set of mast and periscopes.

• Brass metal scale propeller, prop shaft. 

• Photo etched brass deck detail set. 

• White-color decal sheet (master sheet).

• Brass plates (64 x 38 mm).

• Full size plan.


The submarine kit “AKULA-II“.


300/EURO +S/P .
  • Scale: 1/96 
  • Length: 1163mm (45.8”)
  • Beam: 141mm (5.5”)
  • thickness hull 2,5 mm 

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The submarine kit “AKULA-II“, 1/96 scale for display model or R/C conversion.